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 I am a botanical and nature artist based in the beautiful and inspiring scenery of West Wales. After studying botany and field ecology and exploring watercolour and oil painting, I’ve come to combining the two passions together, in the field of botanical and nature illustration.
I paint a wide variety of subjects, including landscapes but find myself concentrating more and more on the wild flora and fauna of the British Isles, with a special fascination for orchids, lichen and fungi.

   Capturing the beauty of nature; the translucence of a petal or the iridescence on an insects wing, is my ultimate aim, to bring it into focus. I feel nature is becoming more over-looked in our busy, modern lives, it feels unimportant.

Drawing, studying and being in nature has been an obsession for many years and in future I hope to project my concern for nature conservation and the loss of our wild habitats; I am driven by this ultimately. I also want to explore the meditative qualities of painting and art as therapy.


  In 2007 I completed the diploma in botanical illustration with distinction from the Society of Botanical Artists and then became a full member in 2010. I am now a tutor on the SBA diploma course for the 'working in the field' assignment. I also run natural history illustration and other modules for Aberystwyth school of Lifelong Learning.


 I received a highly commended award for my Welsh Oak Woods painting in 2014 at the SBA annual exhibition in Westminster. I am also honoured to have a painting in the Hunt Institute's permanent collection in Pittsburgh, USA. 

I received a certificate of Botanical Merit at the SBA exhibition - 'Plantae' at the Mall Galleries in 2019 and then another one at 'Plantae 2022'.

I was honoured to become a co-President of the SBA in 2021.

Please feel free to contact me regarding commissions, courses, sales,exhibitions or prints.


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