This course covers all aspects of making a small soft-cover journal from start to finish. As an online downloadable course, it is self-paced, and you can work at any time in the comfort of your own home. The content will be available to you for as long as the course is running, so that should be many years to come; by which time you’ll be an expert at making your own amazing books.

Each step of the book-making process will be shown in video tutorials for you to watch again and again to glean all the information within them and you can write down notes as you go.

If you live within the UK, you have the option to buy a book-binding starter and materials kit for an extra fee, to be posted to you free, which will include many items that I use in the video tutorials, including a sheet of ready-made leather paper so that you can begin straight away. 

Soft-cover Journals
Journal Making Course

Book-making Course    £45

For more information on the course and a materials list please contact

You can watch my introductory video here...

Course + starter's kit   £65

                             UK ONLY